If you had your choice of any flower you wanted for your wedding, which ones would you choose? There are thousands of choices that you can look through to help narrow down your decision, but that can be a daunting task. We have decided to help you narrow the list down to 10, that way you can pick from those and it will be a much easier selection process.

#1) The Rose

Just about everyone is aware that the rose is a symbol of beauty and love. A lot of the fairy tales and myths that we have come to learn about revolve around this amazing flower. This flower is considered to be one of the most widely used in weddings, and one of the most versatile. They come in one color, two colors, striped, and even tipped varieties. There are more than three thousand varieties that are grown and sold. This means that although they are used in most weddings, you can still find one that is extremely unique. There are also quite a few that are available throughout the year and they are very affordable.

#2) Calla Lily

The calla lily can also be recognized as the arum lily. This flower originates in Africa and is said to symbolize magnificent beauty. Many photographers fall in love with this flower instantly and it is used widely around the art community. The variety that is large headed and has a long stem is available, along with a miniature version as well. It does come in multiple colors, including yellow, orange, pink, and purple. The most common color is creamy ivory.

#3) The Tulip

Contrary to popular belief, this flower is actually a Persian native, even though it is generally associated with the Netherlands. Happy years and consuming love is what is represented by this flower. There are many colors that include white, pink, yellow, and even peach. You can also get hues such as purple, red, and magenta as well. Most of them are going to be affordable, although some of the rare varieties are going to cost a bit more. This flower is a great choice for casual weddings and elegant weddings as well.

#4) Lily of the Valley



This flower is also commonly associated with being the “ladder to heaven”. It is a bell-shaped floret which is accompanied by a thin stem. Those that smell the flower will not miss the unmistakable scent that it gives off. It is a bit more expensive than most of the other flowers that you can find during the season, but it is well worth it if you have the budget for it. Often times, because of their price tag, they are used as complimentary flowers to other flowers.

#5) The Peony

The peony is known for its large full head, along with the strong color and perfume. Even with all of this glamor to the flower, it still represents bashfulness. Asia is where it was cultivated and it has been developed even more by the French. You can make just a bouquet out of the peony, or you can use it in center pieces and arrangements. It is grown in both single and double flower styles, and is in season from late spring to early summer. You can get it in the fall, but it is probably going to cost you even more money to do so.

#6) Hydrangeas

There is no mistaking a hydrangea, as it is intense with its pink, blue, purple, and burgundy shades. In the Victorian language of flowers, the hydrangea represents vanity. One of the more popular choices among hydrangeas is one that changes colors as it grows. It goes from pink to sky blue, and has to do with the acidic level of the soil. They are a great choice to help fill those centerpieces and bouquets. There is no doubt that this makes a wonderful wedding flower and should be included somehow.

#7) Ranunculus

A ranunculus makes a great alternative to roses or the peony, even more so when you are on a tighter budget. It is a multi-petaled relative to the buttercup. The thirteenth century is when this flower was first seen, and it was seen in the far east by early pioneers. It comes with fern like qualities like foliage, and is mild scented as well. It won’t overpower you. In the Victorian language of flowers, it is basically meaning you are telling someone that you are dazzled by their charms. It is often used with bridesmaids and bridal bouquets. It comes in many colors, including pink, white, pink and orange.

#8) Stephanotis

When it is looked at in the Victorian language of flowers, the meaning literally means marital happiness. This is why this is obviously one of the choices seen at weddings. The shape is that of a star, the waxy florets are grown on a vine, then they are carefully wired individually before they can be added to any kind of arrangement. This is the traditional flower that is usually seen in bouquets and boutonnieres. It makes a great choice for formal weddings.

#9) The Gardenia

Waxy dark green leaves are what surround this flower, which has an extremely heavy scent. An English sea captain, that traveled through South Africa, was captivated by this heavy scent in 1754. He brought it home as a souvenir. They can make a great addition to any bouquet. Not to mention, they are widely used in centerpieces for a lot of weddings and special events. Although, it is an expensive flower that can bruise really easily, so be careful when you are handling them.

#10) Sweat Peas

Lasting pleasure is what is symbolized by the sweat pea, and it came to England from Sicily in the year 1699. The English fell in love with the flower and then never looked back. The scent is that of candy, and it is a favorite among many brides and bridesmaids. There are a variety of colors ranging from white to pink, and even purple.