Here comes to price savvy brides! Just image the wedding of your dreams, everything perfect in its place it looks so effortless and pricey. But in this day and age, cutting corners without losing the elegance or overall effect is a great feat. With a great wedding planner and a lot of research, your option for an amazing event at a great price point is endless.

FTD Evermore Bouquet

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FTD Champagne Dreams Bouquet

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There are many web sites and stores that carry bulk items. If want your wedding covered in candles, try getting as many as you can in one bulk purchase. The more you get all at once the lower the cost per item becomes. This works for all items including; votives, candles, silver ware, favors, cups, most champagnes, silk wedding flowers and even invitations.

One of my favorite ways to save money is purchasing silk wedding flowers. They look amazing and you do not have to worry about wilt or discoloration. Another strong plus is you can keep the flowers forever. If they are beautiful on your wedding tables, one will look just as good year round on your dining room table. You can also use them as a double as a wedding favor. Have one main center piece with mini ones around it. Add a ribbon to your flowers with your personal wedding date and names. Have a way of letting one person take the main one and everyone else can take one of the little ones. There is a variety of options to choose from so definitely browse your options online.




FTD Poetry Bouquet

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FTD Purple Passion Bouquet

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Another option to save money is pick a location with a strong atmosphere already. It’s really cost effective if you have little work to do in the local itself. Focus on your tables and adding to what your location already has. If you have a location that needs work but is less expensive you need to determine if it’s worth the time in the end or if it’s more time effective to spend a little more for the location that needs little to no work to save you time. Time is definitely money so taking advantage of that can be a very wise investment.


FTD White on White Bouquet

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FTD Pink Rose Bouttoniere

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Your wedding cake is a center point for every wedding. There are other choices then going to your local bakery and shelling out way too much. Put up flier’s around college campus’ and craft stores. Culinary students can do just as good of a job as a bakery but for half the cost. Ask around with your friends if they know anyone who bakes in their spare time. You’ll be surprised the amount of people who can help make you vision of the perfect cake come to reality.

Overall, the best option to save money for any event is to shop around and compare prices. Give yourself enough time to plan the wedding of your dreams even if you’re not on a budget. But always keep in mind buying in bulk, silk wedding flowers, and finding the perfect location.


FTD New Love Bouquet

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