Abundance of TulipsThe tulip has long been a famed flower, and it was responsible for one of the biggest economic bubbles of history many centuries ago in Holland. Tulips are also subjects of paintings the world over, and especially in Europe, and during artistic renaissances. The tulips are exceedingly beautiful, have variations of colors, are great gifts, and have been around for centuries never to see their popularity wane. Anyone who’s ever seen fields of pink tulips knows how beautiful they are. The are the subject of paintings, photographs, and sketches. Tulips are part of the same family that includes lilies. Interestingly, tulips are also in the family that includes onions. It’s kind of an odd mix. However, it’s true that tulips are related to onions.

Tulip cultivation started out in Central Asia, and it was over 1,000 years ago. The tulip is a symbol that is strongly associated with the country of Turkey because it was brought east by the Turks. Tulips first made their way into Europe in the middle of the 16th century, and they were the subject of many paintings after that. The first European tulip was seen in a garden in Bavaria by a famous Swiss naturalist. Holland had quite a tulip craze for awhile, and the flower is still associated with that country. Carolus Clusius popularized the flower there. His efforts were responsible for many of the variations of tulips that are seen today. The craze in Holland with tulips was around 1637. People were going nuts over them. They were the most popular thing in the country then. It was called “tulip mania”, and prices for some of the varieties rose sharply. A variety of tulip, the “Semper Augustus”, was the costliest tulip during this time. This tulip craze caused one of the first economic bubbles in history.

There are almost 3,000 different kinds of tulips, and there is a Dutch institution that keeps records of all the listed tulip varieties. The most popular tulips that are purchased worldwide today are the red species. The top tulip out there is the “Queen of the Night”. It is almost black, but it’s just a very deep purple color.

The tulips with streaks out there have always been bred to look that way, and they are because of infections or viruses.

Tulips are even edible. Parts of the tulips are edible. The petals range in taste from beans to lettuce to bland. You should never ingest petals if they’ve been doused with chemicals also. It’s not good for you or healthy. Interestingly, some people had to eat tulips during the war in Holland because there was no other food to eat.

Tulips are an ideal flower to purchase for your home. Silk tulips are one of the best flowers you can get for your home because they are incredibly beautiful. There are also so many colors that you can keep collecting them. Silk flower stores online are apt to have tons of different kinds of tulips available for you to purchase.