Long Stem RosesOrnamental roses have been cultivated for centuries, and the first known cultivation occurred in 500 BC in Persia and China. In 1840, there was a collection of over 1,000 different varieties and species of roses at a rosarium, a kind of arboretum in England. Rose cultivation for ornamental decoration has been a part of many cultures and countries for millennia.

Roses are a particularly beautiful flower, having a fullness, vibrancy, and warmth unique amongst flowers. They are a featured subject in art, paintings, illustrations, and architectural components. Since the rose has been cultivated for millennia, it has worked its way into the cultural lexicon of many countries and regions, and it has often been used as a symbol.

Wild roses can get a number of diseases and pests. Cultivated roses can also be subject to damage from insects, spiders, and fungi. In most cases, they cannot be grown usefully without continual treatment to keep these problems in check. That’s why silk roses are a great alternative. You get the beautiful appearance of roses without any of the dangers of pests or diseases. Plus, you save yourself hassle in growing them and fending off pests. You can use them for ornamental purposes around your home, which is one of the chief uses for roses, both now and in the past.

Roses have longstanding, symbolic use in many cultures throughout the world. Fossilized roses have been discovered throughout the world going back millennia, and roses were cultivated even in prehistoric times. There were even petrified rose wreaths found amongst the tombs of the ancient Egyptians. This signified their importance for spiritual health.

The Romans and Greeks worshipped and strongly revered the rose, and rose petals were thrown over all the floors at parties and events, and they were sprinkled in the bathwater too.

In France, the wife of Napoleon III, Josephine, had one of the biggest collections of roses in the world, with flowers brought out from every destination that her husband’s army ever visited. The rose was even chosen as the national emblem in England.

The rose has also been used as a religious symbol too. The Catholic Rosary was initially a string of 150 dried roses. You can read the word “rose” into the word “rosary”. In Christianity, meanwhile, the white rose is connected to the Virgin Mary, and the red rose is supposed to represent the blood of Christ, that was spilled on the cross for all mankind.

The message of each rose is different, and different colors are associated with different things. For example, red roses are equated with love, respect, and devotion. White roses are associated with chastity and innocence. Pink roses are associated with the gentler emotions of joy, gratitude, and appreciation. If you’re going to give roses as a gift, you can convey different meanings.



This is no ordinary flower. By purchasing silk roses, you can carry on a longstanding tradition in many of the world’s most notable societies, countries, and cultures that marked the rose as having stature and being thoroughly revered.