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When it comes to buying silk plants for any location you will find that they have a wonderful selection available for potential buyers online. Not only is it easier to use floral arrangements but it also is a great way to have real looking plants without having to spend and arm and a leg.

When people look at artificial silk plants they become drawn in to them because appearance wise they appear to look very life like. Instead of criticizing them like other artificial plants they will be more inclined to compliment you on how real they look. Furthermore, the only way that someone is going to know that your silk tabletop plants are not real is if they take the time out to touch them. However, they are still going to be in awe and wonder how these plants were able to fool them like that.

How Are They Able To Do That?

A lot of silk flower manufactures actually go out and look for silk petals, leaves, and other components and take the time to piece them together so they look like real plants. Even though they are made to look generic some manufactures go the extra mile to recreate the nature in the artificial tabletop plants so you can have life like plants in the location of your choice.

Just like with real plants silk plants are never duplicate all of their patterns are different. However, they do keep the basic structure of the rose leaf while at the same time making sure it is unique by insuring they are all different sizes, shapes, and have different edges. Professional artists have a craft for this so by them doing each lead individually they are able to give off the life like appearance that silk tabletop plant lovers have grown to love. Not to mention the fact that by making sure the colors vary as well they are making a big difference.

Usually synthetic fibers are used because they tend to make the task of molding easier. However, if you are buying one of the higher qualities of silk tabletop flowers you can be sure that they are made out of genuine silk. Additionally, they press the fibers into mold and once they have cooled down they proceed to have them painted by hand by artists so they have the life like look and variety of colors present.
Nature Cannot Be Emulated, yet..

It is not possible for any artist to be able to totally emulate nature with artificial silk plants but one thing is true they are able to get pretty close. Artificial centerpieces look good at basically any location including wedding tables, dining room tables, coffee tables, office and more.

Floral accents can help bring out any home yet most people avoid them because they can be pricey and they do not live very long. This is one of the reasons why silk plants are becoming so popular. They really do have unlimited lives. Yes, you will pay more for them than real tabletop plants yet in the end you have gotten a deal because you will not have to worry about replacing them within a couple of weeks.

Since these plants are works of art you have probably already figured out that they are not going to require much work. Yes, that is correct, you do not have to water them, feed the, or even worry about constantly adjusting the temperature to hope that they live for a while. Additionally, you do not have to worry about purchasing insecticide spray or having someone watch over them when you need to take a vacation. The only thing you will have to do for silk tabletop plants is to insure that every once in a while you wipe them down with a wet cloth and possibly remove some deluded butterflies.

How Silk Plants are Made

Many people always wonder how silk plants are made. This is because it seems impossible that plants can be made to look like they were actually composed naturally. Yes, nature is something that cannot be duplicated to a certain extent. It is perfectly logically when people say nothing is able to recreate the wonderful feel of a tree or plant but no one can say that they appearance cannot get pretty close.
Molds are sculpted by professionals to look like they are actually leaves, petals, sepals and stems. The material used can be genuine silk or either some sort of synthetic fiber such as polyester. Once the material is decided upon it is cut into the shape of a leaf or petal and then heated into a mold of the desired shape. After this is done the mold is then cooled and a professional painter uses pictures of leaves to insure that they are making all of the parts of the plants look like the real deal. Amazingly, these masterminds are able to recreate the artificial greenery and even get very close to the shades that are featured in the photos.

Butterflies Cannot Even Tell They Are Not Real

Think about it, butterflies even think they are real so your guests – who more than likely would not be touching your plants – are not going to know that they are fake. If they do then they are going to be in awe at the fact that the plants look so lifelike. The best part is you can keep these lifelike plants for years and the only work you are going to have to do to make sure they stay looking their best is to wipe them down occasionally to clean them.

Overall, there are so many artificial silk tabletop plants and centerpieces to choose from online. However, you want to make sure they you are purchasing the ones that have been created by professionals who used molds and professional artists so you can be sure that they look as lifelike as possible. This way you will never be ashamed of your silk tabletop plants.