The common names for lilies are Asiatic, Oriental, and Madonna. The lily derives its name from the Greek word, leiron, and the Roman word, lilium. Lilies abound all throughout the Northern hemisphere. Lilies get divided into five groups that include Asiatic, Oriental, Tiger, Trumpet, and Turks Cap.

The Madonna is generally thought to be symbolic of purity, and the white lilies are associated with the Holy Virgin Mary by the Christians too. Christians think that the lily was yellow prior to it being picked up by the Virgin Mary. Lilies are also used to symbolize fertility, and it is at weddings, deaths, and funerals, where they are placed on graves. Some tales have had it that lilies have spontaneously sprung up from the graves of those who did not commit crimes. When you dream of lilies in the springtime, it is a sign of marriage, happiness, and prosperity to come. If you start dreaming of lilies in winter, it is a sign of frustration with hopes dashed and the premature passing of a family member.

White lilies have been used for medicinal purposes throughout history. The Rooms cured the corners on their feet with the juice from lily bulbs. The Spaniards thought that the lily’s petals could restore someone that had been transformed into an animal into a human form again.

Lilies also symbolized the sexuality of women during medieval times. Lilies are a flower associated with purity, innocence, and love. These flowers are particularly elegant and beautiful-looking in a classy, refined, and sophisticated way. White lilies carry a special significance.

The lily features prominently in food and medicine throughout the past. The Chinese even used lily buds when they were cooking to flavor their stir-fries. They are also used as a medicine when someone has respiratory problems. Native Americans have traditionally used the lily roots boiled up in tea for problems with their stomach, and to wash the bruises that they’ve incurred on the skin. They also like to use it to relieve pain from insect bites they get.

The lily also features prominently in Christian iconography. A white lily is featured prominently in Christian iconography. The flower is often seen in pictures of saints. Two saints that are often seen with lilies are St. Anthony of Padua and St. Joseph. Lilies are featured in paintings of several of the most important saints too.

During World War II, lilies were very scarce, and when Pearl Harbor happened, and was war declared between Japan and America, lilies became even scarcer.

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