If you are looking for some great ideas that do not cost a lot of money when it comes to incorporating outdoor artificial flowers with your existing natural landscaping that is around your home this article is a must read. Many flower clusters will look natural and lifelike even though in reality they are actually fake. Some people are under the impression that silk flowers can only be used inside of the home and will be ruined if they are left outside but this is not always the case.


The manufactures are not going to recommend that the consumer grade faux flowers are left outside but they can be. However, they will not last as long as to if they were used inside but you can expect then to last for a season at least which rounds to about six to nine months so you are still getting your money’s worth out of them.

Manufactures also have outdoor artificial flowers, plants, and trees that they make that can withstand the weather conditions for years. However, these cost more so we will not discuss them at this time since we are discussing budget friendly options. Instead we are going to discuss how you can spruce up your flowerbeds, pool sides, patios, and even porches with the medium grade silk plants and flowers that are available at craft stores as well as on the internet. Additionally, it is even possible to find these flowers available at stores such as Michaels for 50% off. This way you can come home with a variety of different options for a fraction of the cost.

Pros and Cons

As with any other item there are pros and cons that are going to come along with using silk flowers and outdoor plans and doing it yourself. Below, you can find some of the major things you will want to keep in mind.


  • Artificial plants and flowers are budget friendly and they do not require any maintenance unlike live flowers
  • Their look can be changed at any moment’s notice
  • They can be located in places where live plants would not grow
  • They can be put in high traffic areas because they do not attract any unwanted pests such as insects.




  • Weather conditions will cause them to lose their beauty.
  • You can only expect them to last for a year
  • When they are used outside they will usually last no more than one season unless you keep moving them inside during certain weather conditions