Silk plants, artificial foliage and any additional greenery for that matter can make flower arrangements better. Below you can find some tip ideas that are sure to enhance your next silk flower centerpiece drastically.

When you use lush greenery you will find that the beauty of all of the nearby blossoms will be enhanced and very appealing to the eyes. Not to mention the additionally leaves will fill out the flower arrangement rather nicely. If mixed with other floral elements you will find that your silk flower centerpiece will be even more appealing.

The good thing about silk foliage is it is very versatile. You can find very eye catching plants to even full sized trees. They come with small leaves, medium leaves, and even large leaves.

Different materials and techniques are used when it comes to making the plants look as real as possible. However, those that have a lot of detail that is noticeable was probably made of fine plastics that were molded instead of fabrics. This makes it even harder to tell if they are real of fake without actually touching them.

Both silk flowers as well as faux plants can be wired individually so they can be shaped as the customer likes them. However, no matter how they are wired you can be sure that they all join at the main stem of the plant. Additionally, if you like they can be cut into separate pieces.

Artificial Foliage and Greenery Stems

Single stems are a very important part as well. Elements such as ivy vine shoots and grape leaves can be placed at the base to help fill in the gaps of the arrangement. You would be surprised at how much of a difference just a single palm leaf could make to a floral design when placed at the back or the side.