The lilac is a childlike, whimsical, gentle, and sophisticated flower, and it is symbolic of maturation. It has pinkish-purplish petals, and they are usually used to celebrate events from growth from innocence to pass through the door and threshold of experience. For example, the passage from adolescence into adulthood is seen in the lilac. The lilac is a great flower for an occasion where there is a passage from youth to wisdom. This flower heralds that triumphant passage.

The proper name for the lilac is syringa, and it is derived from the Greek syrinx, and that just means pipe. It got its name because the stem is sort of pithy, and it can be hollowed out. The Turkish people even made pipes out of the stems. The common name of lilac is derived from an Arabic word, laylak, or maybe even the Persian word, nylac, and they both basically mean blue. What’s strange though is that in English, lilac actually means a purple-blue color.

Lilacs were first written about by Pierre Belon, and he had visited the court of a Turkish sultan. He though the lilacs looked like a fox’s tail.

Lilacs have had a long, rich history. They are rugged, longstanding plants that can take it out in the wild. Because of this, cultures around the globe plant lilacs because they have a carefree aesthetic and pleasant smell. In America today, lilacs dot any abandoned or decayed homes. They bloom every spring. The first pioneers and settler planted for only one single purpose, and that was to add a little beauty and art to a rugged and hard existence. Even when the settlers had left, the lilacs continued to come out every spring or so.

Most lilacs have thick clusters of flowers in a lavender color that are produced at the end of their branches every spring. The leaves are shaped like hearts, and they’re dark green. The shrub can grow up to 15 feet tall and 12 feet wide.

There are lots of different kinds of lilacs from different continents that are basically just modified forms of the common lilac. They range in color from white, pink, purple, or other colors, and sometimes even two colors.

Lilacs from silk online flower shops can permanently add a touch of beauty to your home, much like the settlers that planted them in the early days of the west. Luckily, you won’t have to wait every spring to see the flowers bloom either, like the American settlers had to do. The lilacs are a symbol of national identity, and you can connect with the distant American past by purchasing some for your home. Lilacs come in several different colors, so they’re sure to complement your home well. Most lilacs are great additions to rustic, western, or bungalow homes that don’t quite look as nice without a little aesthetic touch here and there.

You get a lot for your buck when you purchase lilacs because they come in bunches that look pretty magnificent.