Silk flowers make a great decoration for just about any occasion, such as weddings or even just smaller occasions in your home. They last a lot longer than freshly cut flowers and they are meant to be used more than once. You can change them up during each season of the year, leaving yourself with a new and amazing look each season. You will need to preserve them the right way though when you are not using them. Otherwise they could wrinkle, mold, or even change colors.

First off, you will need a storage container made of plastic, tissue paper, and silk flower cleaning spray. Then, just follow these steps:

1. Keep your silk flowers properly stored when you are not using them. Start by putting tissue paper layers in in your plastic storage container. Then carefully separate and place your silk flowers on the tissue paper. You only want 2-3 flowers in each container, you don’t want them to be crowded. Then you can add another layer of the tissue paper, and then add a few more flowers. Just keep putting a layer of tissue paper on top of each flower layer.

2. A lot of artificial flower shops or online retailers will have cleaning spray that is meant for silk flowers. Use this when it is needed to keep those flowers looking their best.

3. You can also use a can of air to spray the dust off of the flowers as well. You can find these at most retailers or computers stores, as they are often used to spray dust off of sensitive computer parts as well.

4. Then you will also want to create a solution that is part water and part soap. Only use it very lightly, as you don’t want to damage any of your silk flowers. You can proceed to dunk the flowers into the solution, and twirl them around gently. Then move them to a clean water solution, and let them dry either on a clean counter or by hanging them. Hanging them upside down will allow them to keep their flower shape.

5. A blow dryer can also be used to dry them or rid them of dust. To dry them, use the blow dryer on a low heat setting, and to clean them use the blow dryer on a cool setting.