We are about to show you several techniques that will allow you to clean your silk flowers, foliage, and artificial plants so you can have the best results that are possible. Additionally, we are also going to share some of the cleaning precautions that you will want to keep in mind due to the materials and construction of the artificial flowers and greenery.

Easy Methods That Do Not Provide the Results You Desire

We thought it would be best to start with the easy methods that many people are going to tell you to try. These methods will work when it comes to cleaning the silk flower arrangements or the loose stems that are not very dirty.

  • Dust with a feather duster
  • Use a handheld dryer
  • Cover the vacuum hose with a sock or stocking and vacuum them
  • Wipe with a damp cloth

However, the downsides to these methods are you will be stirring the dust around in the areas that you have to breathe in. Not to mention the fact that you are going to run into areas that you cannot reach as well.

Easy Methods That Are Not So Cheap

If you are someone who wants to take the easy route when it comes to cleaning your silk flowers and do not mind spending a little bit of money you will find that you can have them looking brand new within moments by purchasing one of the silk flower cleaning sprays. They are very easy to use and the dust also disappears instantly. However, you must make sure that you have done your homework on these silk flower cleaning sprays because all of them do not work as you may desire. Instead some of them may just seal the dust instead of actually removing it.

When it comes to the price of these cleaners they are going to vary depending on the brand. Prices usually range from four to eight dollars yet there are cleaners out there that cost even more. Some silk flower owners have even said that cans of compressed air work good when it comes to cleaning silk flowers. However, if you are considering this route you should keep in mind that even though it may work better than some of the other cheaper methods it is still not going to be able to get the hard to reach areas and it may even damage the arrangements.

Now that we have explored the easier, quicker methods for cleaning the flower arrangements it is now time to move on to which precautions you should be aware of if you decide you want to clean more intensely.



What To Keep In Mind When Thinking About Alternative Methods

When using stronger forces you have to keep in mind that some artificial flowers are not going to be able to withstand the procedures. So, first you are going to have to look at the silk flower stems and foliage that you are preparing to clean. Are they made of a fabric, plastic, or do they contain latex? Additionally, you will also want to look and feel the stems to see what they feel like they are made of.

Second, you are going to need to examine the petals and leaves. See how they have been bound together such as with plastic, wire, or glue. Additionally, find out how they have been attached to the main stem as well.

It is very important that you check for the previously mentioned things to insure that you do not ruin your silk flower arrangements. But, overall the decision remains up to you as to whether or not you want to risk your arrangement with vigorous cleaning methods or not.

If you are ready to take the risk you should know that these methods that we are about to share with you may call for you to partially dismantle your artificial flower arrangement. This can be done one at a time if that is something that you feel more comfortable with, however.

Dry Cleaning

Shake artificial floral products in a bag that contains a half of cup or salt or cornmeal. This insures that the dust is being removed even from those hard to reach areas. It only takes a minute or two worth of shaking usually. However, if you do not receive the desired resulted for some reason you are welcome to do more than once.

In Between Method

If you prefer to keep your silk flower arrangement intact when it comes to cleaning it you may want to try this method. However, this method is going to call for you to get them a bit moist. All you have to do is fill a spray bottle with a 50/50 combination of water and white vinegar. Furthermore, you will have to line paper towels or newspapers around the base to make sure that you are able to absorb any drips that may occur. When starting out you will want to test a small area first for colorfastness. However, we do NOT recommend this technique for hand wrapped or hand painted silk flowers.

Wet Method

Many people have almost always heard of this method because it is said to be the most effective method when it comes to cleaning silk flower arrangements that have not been cleaned for a while. However, you should keep in mind that you should never wet a hand wrapped silk flower stem because it will cause the glue particles to weaken as well as the elasticity of the floral tape. Additionally, when using this method it is generally best to remove each of the stems one at a time for cleaning. As with the previously mentioned method you will also want to be sure to test for colorfastness before you begin.


  • Fill the sink with cool water
  • Add just a tab of dishwashing detergent and mix together
  • Gently wash the stems one at a time. If some of the areas are stubborn you will want to make sure that you rub them very lightly.
  • Blot them dry never rub them
  • Put back in the flower arrangement
  • Look back and admire your now clean silk flower arrangement.

Lastly, if your silk flowers are really dirty you may want to avoid the heartache and simply go out an purchase a new flower arrangement.