forsythiaForsythia refers to a genus of plants that flower in the olive family. There are 11 species total, and most of them hail from eastern Asia, but there is at least one that is native to Europe. The common name, forsythia, refers to William Forsyth.

There were two primary species that were brought into the gardens of the Western from the Far East, and they include suspense and viridissima. Both of these species played a large role in modern garden shrubs.

The suspena was the first species that was observed by a Weterner, and it was observed in a Japanese garden, except that he wrote about it as a lilac in his book that was penned in 1784. The man had some career connections to the Dutch East India Company, and this suspense reached Holland before anywhere else in 1833. Even when it was being offered by English nurseries in the middle of the 18th century, it was still considered quite rare More species of forsythia were discovered around the time of the first World War by some plant hunters in China.

Forsythia is equated with good feelings, hope, and anticipation. These flowers were not commonly seen in Europe for several hundred years prior to their genesis. They come from Japan and China, and they were not brought back to Europe except through discovery, trade, and commerce during the time that the European powers were engaged with the Japanese and Chinese in trading.

Robert Fortune discovered the first forsythia in China, and he was a marvelous 18th century plant hunter. Fortune was dispatched to China by the Horticultural Society to look for certain blue-flowered peonies and plants related to tea. Fortune introduced and discovered lots of important and exotic plants that were later introduced Europe.

Forsythia has a use in traditional Chinese medicine for the detoxification of the body, and to help with colds and fevers too. Every single flower has a meaning. There is a Victorian term for every flower, and the meaning of forsythia in these Victorian flower meanings is Anticipation. These are the first flowers of spring, and some darling little blooms to see in your garden when the spring season is upon you. Forsythia is one of several flowers that are associated with the genesis of spring. There are several different kinds of plants that were brought back from China, but few have taken on such a prominence as Forsythia.

There are a lot of customers that seek out Forsythia to brighten up a home or enliven it. The yellow really adds a vibrant touch to boring homes that don’t have much in the way of color, and look sort of plain. Silk flowers offer a way to permanently decorate with your home without all the hassle of continuing to go out and purchase live flowers all the time. Silk flowers make it easy to use colors in new and exciting ways to help spruce up your home and aid in interior decorating. Forsythia look pretty stellar too.