DaffodilsOne question many people have is if narcissus and daffodils are related to one another. They indeed are related to one another, with daffodil being the common name and narcissus being the botanical or Latin name.

Friendship is what is symbolized in these amazing flowers. A trumpet shape makes up these flowers, along with a backing that is shaped like a star. In those climates that are moderate, usually these will be the first flowers that you see blooming during the spring. In fact, the early blooming of the paperwhite narcissus, which is very fragrant, is often used during the Chinese New Year.

Yellow is the color of daffodils that you will see most often. It can vary though, and have shades of white, lime, and yellow-white. Sometimes you will even see them with shades of orange. They also come in just about every size, from small blooms on small stems to large stems and large blooms.

How Do I Grow Daffodils?

They are planted in the fall, that way they can start to bloom in the spring that follows. If the bulbs are not planted at twice the height of the plant, you will have a problem with the plant starting to tip over. Soil that is slightly acidic and an area that is easily drained that provides plenty of sun is needed. They also need a lot of water. The foliage should turn to yellow before you start your cutting, which is usually in late May and June. That way you can dig up bulbs, wash them, and dry them in a place that is cool and use them the next year.