The word daffodil comes from an earlier word, affodell, which is a variation of Asphodel, a type of flower. No one knows why original “d” was added, but a very probable source is from the Dutch article “de”, and that could explain its etymology, which is “de affodil.” Since at least the 16th century, there have been playful synonyms for the flower that include “Daffadown Dilly” and “daffydowndilly”, along with “daffadown dilly”. In common language, and in certain ancient documents, the word “daffodil” may refer to the wild daffodil, specifically.

Daffodil flowers are in the genus, Narcissus, and there are over 50 species in the genus.

Daffodils are trumpet-shaped flowers, and they are one of the best known, and virile flowers in the spring. The daffodils are actually the first indicator that spring has arrived. Daffodils have a lot of symbolic meanings like spring, rebirth, and friendship. The daffodil is used as the birth flower for March, and it is also the flower used for 10th wedding anniversaries.

Daffodil flowers come from the Mediterranean countires, but they have been cultivated the globe over. They grow naturally in the woods, grasslands, and rocky grounds all throughout Europe.

The daffodil has just one flower for each stem. The central trumped-shaped corona, also called a “trumpet”, is enclosed in a ring of petals. Sometimes, the ring of petals are called the “perianth”. Most daffodils are yellow, but they come in all sorts of colors like white, cream, pink, apricot, and lime green.

Daffodils are often used in bouquets or flower arrangements. The daffodil is almost synonymous with spring, and they are a great flower to celebrate the new season with flower bouquets and arrangements in your home. Consider purchasing silk flowers and bringing them out for certain seasons. A beautiful, whole, gigantic bunch of daffodils on the kitchen table is a great way to celebrate spring without having to water or plant the daffodils and get all messy in the ground. Just bring out the silk flowers at a certain time each year like you do an artificial Christmas tree, and you will save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Daffodils are also called jonquils sometimes, so don’t be surprised if you see that word tossed around. They have a strong connection with Lent in England, and they’re sometimes referred to as the “Lent Lily”. There is some ancient lore that connects the daffodil to the time when winter ends, and also as a beautiful emblem and a sign of future prosperity to come in your family’s lives too. Some say that if you see the first daffodil of the spring season, your year will be filled with wealth, and Chinese stories have it that if a daffodil has to bloom in the New Year, then it will give a lot of good luck to your home for the whole year.

Giving a gift of daffodils, even a bunch of silk daffodils, is thought to guarantee happiess for the new year.