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Cherry blossom flowers come from the cherry blossom tree, a famous tree in Japan that is sometimes called the “sakura”. The tree is not just in Japan, but it is a country where cherry blossoms are given a reverence with receptions that are like ceremonies, and they are symbolized as a sign of good fortune, a mark of love and affection, and a reminder of our mortality. The overall meaning of the cherry blossom has changed over the years too.

In Japan, these flowers are held in the highest regard possible. Sakura are held in the highest esteem. There are ceremonial receptions, known as Hanami, are gatherings where people mull over the temporal aspect of mortality and life, because cherry blossoms have a short lifespan on the tree. The concept of a short lifespan is connected with Buddhist concepts about the nature of life. The Japanese samurai culture also held them in very high esteem because the flowers had very short life spans because they believed the flowers represented drops of blood. The flower is said to be a symbol of innocence, simplicity, and the new spring season too.

The symbolic meaning of the cherry blossom is different in China than it is in Japan. In China, the flower is connected to female beauty and dominance, and it is also connected to the sexuality of women. It is a mark of power and strength. However, it has a different meaning in Chinese herbal medicine, and it is said to symbolize love and passion.

The cherry blossom season has an overlap with the calendar year in Japan, and it marks the new beginnings like a child’s first day at school or a new employee’s first day at his job. There is an exuberance and intensity that the cherry blossom has, and it gives us the license for dreams and hopes in a new way of bigger things to come and for looking ahead optimism and enthusiasm.

Cherry blossoms are also a symbol of humanity. Because the cherry blossom has a brief blooming season, it results in instantaneous beauty and the quick death of the flower. In Japanese culture, they serve as potent reminders of humanity and mortality, because a human being’s life can end at any moment too. The human condition is seen through the cherry blossom, and it helps people see that life is very short and that people should experience life to the fullest.

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